Le vent nous portera, 9a+, Socaire, Chile - Latin America’s hardest route on 3600m

30th November 2017
30th Nov 2017

Permin Bertle: Over the highlands of the Altiplano. Latin America’s first 9a+. “Le Vent Nous Portera” - The Wind Will Carry Us. 

"The last time I had played the high altitude game – in northern India two years ago – I got wrecked... This year we played the game again – this time on the Altiplano in between Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. And everything should turn out to be different. Despite the fact that we played the game even way longer – four months out of five we spent on 4000m. But this time we didn’t get wrecked....The most beautiful landscapes, the vastest boulder fields, the brightest stars (and coldest nights), the most photogenic lines and, well, the hardest ones as well (not only in a personal point of view).

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