[Care] Akiyo's In-5 mins. Fingers Care

09th July 2021
09th Jul 2021

Akiyo san has actually edited this video! See how Akiyo san has modified the film. Akiyo's Fingers Care. You should do it to prevent injury and to heal ya fingers. ▼▼▼About this channel▼▼▼ Hi, we are Tomoa / Akiyo / Ikedai !! We want to share the fun climbing world. Technics, skills and secrets to top your problems!! We wish you to be more interested in climbing. *Any inappropriate comments and actions shall be removed or reported. ▼▼▼〈Instagram〉▼▼▼ ・Narasaki Tomoa    https://www.instagram.com/tomoa_narasaki ・Noguchi Akiyo    https://www.instagram.com/noguchi_akiyo ・Yudai Ikeda   https://www.instagram.com/yudai__ikeda ◆◆ English subtitle by FreiHeit ◆◆

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