Will Bosi vs The Lattice 45 Board

25th June 2020
25th Jun 2020

Will Bosi, one of the strongest route climbers and boulderers on the planet vs the Lattice 45 Board! In this session, we have a look at one of WIll's training sessions where he's trying hard problems on the Lock Up Board. This is a "second day on" session for Will and he talks a little about his methods for training, how to gauge session intensity and how he projects problems. We've also got a bit of Tom interviewing Will about his training session to explain some extra details about what Will's up to.

Key points covered:

1. Does Will train back-to-back hard days

2. What does he choose to do in a session

3. How does he know when to finish

4. What other training does he combine with a board session

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