Sport climbing Digitigrade (6c/5.11b) at Gothenburg in Sweden

19th May 2020
19th May 2020

Sport climbing Digitigrade at 6c/5.11b is a quite strenuous 6c/5.11b at Norsesund just outside Gothenburg in Sweden. It has this awkward, hard overhanging crux where you have to pull hard in a pretty bad undercling! Digitigrade at 6c/5.11b is the classic of Norsesund in Gothenburg and it is just one of those lines that immediately catch your attention. It is probably not an ideal beginner sport climbing route as you blast right into the crux with a high undercling, then a crimp, and you pull yourself up, and then finally bump to a huge edge for the clip. I had to practice this crux sequence a couple of times and find the beta that worked for me. But the crux is not quite finished yet. A quick switch a feet, a heel hook, and then reach for this super small crimp. Sport climbing Digitigrade at 6c/5.11b in Gothenburg then turns quite balancy. I found good balance and then went for a jug. After that sport climbing Digitigrade at 6c/5.11b turns into more classical face climbing, first with a short traverse on good holds, and then a balancy face climb on crimps at the top. Unfortunately, I don’t have any sport climbing video of the top section of Digitigrade at 6c/5.11b, but I really wanted to show you the bottom section! Because that is fun! If you liked this video, then remember to hit the like button And, if you want to watch more sport climbing videos like this, then hit the subscribe button and remember to click the bell-icon to be notified when I upload new sport climbing videos.

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