Southern Sandstone Bouldering | One

09th August 2018
09th Aug 2018

Southern Sandstone isn't known to have thousands of people flock to climb it's irresistible routes. It's fragile, unforgiving but more to the point its hard to climb! A type of sandstone totally unique to this area but for far too long we've found ourselves guilty of having to make do with it when compared to Font. So instead and thanks to a great weather window, we've decided to give it some more time and as a result have discovered a new obsession and appreciation for this place. We wanted to capture memories of our ascents but to also celebrate just how good it is to climb here. We love Southern Sandstone. Thanks to Tom Gore, Ben Read & Peter Wycislik for pioneering some new routes recently and paving the way for us to enjoy. Area | Problems | Climber: Stone Farm - Stinging Nettle Variation - 7A - Sim Warren Eridge Green - The Leaf - 6B+ - Paul Hamlin Eridge Green - Parisian Affair - 6A+ - Laurence Tritton Toad Rocks - Lions Head - 6C - Sim Warren (Didn't feel 7B as per UKC) Stone Farm - Peter Pan - 6B+ - Laurence Tritton Eridge Green - Azazel Right Foot - 6C - Paul Hamlin 2nd assistant music archive researcher: Mia Xerri

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