The Pirate's Code, V15 (8C) First Ascent!

01st August 2018
01st Aug 2018

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Paul Robinson: Well here it is everyone! This will sadly be the final installment from South Africa. I flew home the other day after another incredible season exploring the Cederberg mountain range.

I managed to find a send a lot of really great first ascents this year alongside Katerina and also my buddy Fernando. We continued to develop this world class destination and this video is the hardest sends of the trip from this zone. Climbs in the film include: Flip Switch, V7 (7A+) FA Mirage, V12 (8A+) FA Black Flag, V11 (8A) FA Greedy Ship Wright, V8 (7B+) FA Tangerine, V12 (8A+) FA The Pirates Code, V15 (8C) FA I am now back in Colorado and have a horrible cold. I am trying to get better as quickly as possible so I can get to training. I have some pretty epic goals this Fall and I cannot wait to bring you guys along on the journey!

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