Keenan Takahashi: The Leavenworth Compendium

09th May 2018
09th May 2018

3 weeks in Leavenworth, 12 days of rain, 17 double-digit boulder problems, despite 6 days dedicated to The Penrose Step. Keenan Takahashi went on a tear in Leavenworth in April 2018, climbing (almost) every hard boulder problem in the area. This video is mostly a sending spree, with the last six minutes dedicated to an effort to display just how much effort goes in to sending a hard boulder problem.

(0:31) Coffee Cup - V8
(1:01) Turbulence - V12
(1:48) Mad Bush - V12
(2:11) Beautification - V11
(2:47) Cloaca - V11
(3:25) Tornado Arete - V12
(4:04) Autopilot - V12
(4:43) Green Lung Sit - V11
(5:11) Ragged Lion - V11
(5:56) Thunderdome Low - V11
(6:49) The Practitioner - V11
(7:39) The Tea Cup - V13
(13:22) The Penrose Step - V14

Music, in order of appearance:
"Blurred (Bonobo remix)" - Kiasmos (
"Preservation" - Aesop Rock, Del tha Funky Homosapien, Wu-Tang Clan (
"The Cypher" - Christian Scott (

Check out Kevin Takashi Smith on Vimeo here.


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