Jakob Schubert in Magic Wood 2020 - The Never Ending Story FLASH - UNCUT

19th June 2020
19th Jun 2020

The Borders to Switzerland finally opened so Jakob took the opportunity right away to have two great climbing days in Magic Wood. Boulder Problems: Day 1: 0:00 One summer in paradise 8A+ 1:12 New Base Line 8B+ 2:22 Voigas 8A flash 2:53 Octopussy 8A flash 3:59 Jack’s broken heart 8A flash Day 2: 5:19 Rythmo 7C+ flash 6:33 Riders on the storm 8A+ 7:46 Practice of the wild 8B+ 9:15 Neverending Story 8B+ flash Jakob Schubert’s Ticklist https://www.thecrag.com/ascents/by/ja... More about Jakob Schubert https://jakob-schubert.com/ Edit: Bernhard Stern Music by KUT

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