Highlights From The Spectacular 'Psicobloc Masters 2014' | EpicTV

11th August 2014
11th Aug 2014

When Chris Sharma says 'I think we all made history here...' you get the sense that he may not be wrong. The Psicobloc Masters Competition, now in its second year, takes competition climbing to a whole new level of spectacle. The competition format involves two climbers at a time racing their way up a fifty foot tall head wall that overhangs an Olympic diving pool. Unlike conventional competitions, the only safety feature in place for these climbers is the water below which welcomes their accidental wipe outs and celebratory dives with equal indifference. Not only do the climbers have the difficulty of the route to overcome, but they must also be faster than their fellow competitors and avoid succumbing to the fear of falling. All of these factors combine to give one of the most exciting events in modern climbing. It's clear from this highlights video that both competitors and spectators had one hell of a good time.

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