Feel Her Struggle, As Mari Battles 'Presenten' (5.12+)

30th August 2021
30th Aug 2021

Presenten in Sweden has yet to be flashed, watch Mari go for an all out flash attempt and find out how she gets on. The attempt was filmed back in the middle of summer and temperatures that day clocked just under 30 degrees...not really the conditions you want for climbing hard offwidths. The one good thing is that you're sweating so much the rock becomes like butter and the cuts and scrapes are minimised. The route was originally climbed and given a Swedish grade of 6+. It remained unrepeated for many years until local strongman Petter Restorp repeated it. It was then decided that the original grade was a sandbag (or a joke?), and has since settled in the new guide book at Swedish grade 8 (American 5.12+) Visit our online shop: https://wideboyz.com check out our freestanding climbing wall: https://wideboyz.com/freestanding-wall/ SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/wideboyz?sub_... Find us: www.wideboyz.com Follow us: Instagram: @wide_boyz https://www.instagram.com/wide_boyz/ Facebook: @wideboyzltd https://www.facebook.com/wideboyzltd/ Twitter: @wide_boyz https://twitter.com/wide_boyz Contact us: info@wideboyz.com

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