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20th September 2019
20th Sep 2019

On the west coast of Sweden, in the north of Bohuslän county, lies one of Europe’s most beautiful and best-kept climbing secrets, with its granite walls, square-cut dihedrals, razor-sharp arêtes and soaring cracks. The film retraces the story of this climber’s paradise with additional shots from the repertoire of Leo Houlding and Neil Gresham. It ranges from the first 1970s bandana-wearing climbers to the athletes that are pushing the boundaries of this discipline to new extremes. It dwells on the reasons that drive these athletes to compete against the perils of nature.

The climbing in Bohuslän also holds a rich history, with an interesting and passionate core of local activists. Crackoholic tells the full story about this climber`s paradise and portrays these granite afficionados, these Crackoholics. We meet the climbers who have set their mark on the Bohuslän granite throughout the years.

From the early days of EBs, white pants and bandanas in the mid-70`s, to today`s athletes who are pushing the standards of trad climbing. What is it that these climbers search for on the granite faces of Bohuslän? What is it that these climbers search for on the granite faces of Bohuslän? Why is naturally protected climbing so important to these individuals? And why do some of them seek out what most climbers consider unnecessary risks? How do you stay focused when fear is trying to take control over your mind, and the likely consequence of a mistake is serious injury or even death?
90 min. Engl. Untertitel

The film is produced by Jonas Paulsson and Mikael Widerberg.

Crackoholic är inspelad i Bohuslän, Sveriges häftigaste område för klättring med egna säkringar. I Crackoholic får du möta ett stort antal klättrare som har haft eller har en mycket stor betydelse för Svensk klättring. Ett fylligt historiekapitel förflyttar oss bakåt i tiden till det flummiga 70-talet och fram till idag. Vi får träffa flera av områdets starkaste profiler och följa dem på flera av områdets finaste, mest klassiska leder.

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