Climbing A Spanish Trad Classic 'Muerte Súbita' (7c+/5.13a) | EpicTV

20th February 2015
20th Feb 2015

From filmmaker Aitor Bárez comes this inspiring video of the relatively unknown Spanish trad route: 'Muerte Súbita.' Translating literally as 'Sudden Death' the route climbs a striking corner crack at Sierra de La Cabrera in Spain. Although it was first climbed in 1994, the route is still a stout challenge, with tough physical moves for virtually its entire length. With striking visuals of the route and incredible moves from both climbers, this video makes a strong case for the wealth of fantastic Spanish trad climbing that goes largely ignored by the rest of the world who focus on the country's famous sport crags. If you'd like to see more of Aitor's work on similar climbs, then you can check out his website and Facebook page

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Craig Gorder's picture
Amazing looking climb and well shot video! A bit dramatic with the gear, though - it all looked bomber (and wasn't that small).
23rd Feb 2015
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