Chris Sharma Climbing A Huge Tree In The Name Of Science | EpicTV

17th June 2015
17th Jun 2015

Arboriculture is a weird sect. Ehm, let’s start again. Arboriculture is a weird science. A weird and wonderful science. Now, that’s right. Arborists aren’t the guys who chain themselves to trees for a cause (these folks are cool too). Arborists study trees in forests and laboratories. And they can tell you if the trees are stressed or not. For real. So, let’s get serious now, because it really isn’t our aim to be flippant about it. The work that arborists do is super important to conserving ecosystems and minimising our negative impact on woodlands. Chris Sharma wanted a slice of that, but since he’s not really great with a microscope, he thought that climbing a tree will suit him better. So, looking a little bit Twilight-esque, he climbed a giant tree. Hopefully this feat will attract some much needed attention to the research on theimpact that the current drought has on redwood trees and forests in California. You can help funding the UC Berkeley project by donating here. Chris Sharma Climbing A Huge Tree In The Name Of Science | EpicTV

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Suddenly tree climbing is gonna be cool, right? :D
23rd Jun 2015
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