Barbara Bacher Tackles the Classic Moffatt 8a+ 'The Face' | EpicTV

02nd July 2014
02nd Jul 2014

When Jerry Moffatt first climbed 'The Face' (8a+) in 1983, it became the first route of its grade in Germany. It was considered a real step forward at the time and still stands as a tough test piece today. Professional climber Barbara Bacher discovered just how hard it was when she attempted to climb it in freezing conditions during the January of 2014.  Linking small pockets up an ultra-smooth wall, 'The Face' features extremely technical climbing and Barbara commented that the route felt harder to her than others of the grade. Indeed, a combination of the route's difficulties and the wet conditions prevented her from making a clean ascent but the story doesn't end here as she's already planning a return visit.

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