Ashima Shiraishi Tearing It Up In The Red River Gorge | EpicTV

06th October 2014
06th Oct 2014

In October 2012, Ashima Shiraishi became the youngest person ever to climb a route in the 8c+/5.14c range. The route in question was 'Southern Smoke' in Kentucky's Red River Gorge but it was not to be her only 8c+ of the trip as she also redpointed 'Lucifer.' What makes Ashima's ascent of 'Southern Smoke' even more impressive, is that it came only six days after she climbed her first 8b+/5.14a 'God's Own Stone' and just five days after she flashed her first 8b+/5.14a 'Omaha Beach.' Speaking in the video, Southern climber Nick Duttle remarked that he and Adam ondra considered reach to be the only thing limiting Ashima's performance. Two years on and now well into her adolescent growth spurt, it's no wonder that Ashima is taking the competition climbing world by storm.

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