Another Bleau Story (Fontainebleau 17/18)

08th February 2018
08th Feb 2018

A short film showcasing another week spent bouldering within the forest of Fontainebleau. Link to first film.

Font (or Bleau to the locals) hosts a huge forest not far from Paris, containing hundreds of sandstone boulders. It is the perfect destination for a short holiday away from the UK or for an extended stay.

Oliver Parkinson
Sallyann Hardaker

Problems (in order of appearance):
Egoiste assis (7A+) - Appremont
Triplette (7A) - 95.2
Tanks (6B+ flash) - Appremont
Dalactite (6A) - Appremont
Clin d'Œil (7A) - Appremont
La Baleine (7A) - Petit Bois

Filmed and edited by Oliver Parkinson. Link to his Vimeo.
Music from Throwing Stones, Kiln & Tycho

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