5 MYTHS of Climbing Training Busted! | Hangboard Training

19th May 2020
19th May 2020

Just started hangboard training? STOP! Before you binge watch ‘How to train for Climbing’ videos, find out why the climbing training advice you’ve heard is wrong. Maybe you’re just starting out and want to know how to train for climbing for beginners but you don’t know how to hang board? Follow these 5 fingerboard tips and tricks for training that will help you avoid common climbing training mistakes. We might be in lockdown, but we will still be uploading footage from our latest climbing trip and maybe some fingerboard/training videos and indoor fun while we stay at home. Follow Robbie Phillips, pro rock climber, and Culann O Brien, Filmmaker, on ridiculous climbing adventures. From van life and traveling to wild places like Yosemite, to indoor climbing training in the climbing gym + epic home training tips. All craic, no crap – it’s just pure unadulterated climbing!

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