14 Year Old Giorgia Tesio Cruises 'Excalibur Sit Start' (V12/8A+) | EpicTV

31st December 2014
31st Dec 2014

At the age of just 14 Giorgia Tesio is already making waves on the boulders of her native Varazze, Italy. Earlier in 2014, Giorgia climber her first V11/8A 'Rampage' and has now gone on to climb 'Excalibur Sit Start' (V12/8A+) also at Varazze. Local maestro and world-renowned climber Christina Core was on hand to document her ascent in this video. Reportedly Giorgia took just ten attempts to climb the sit, having completed the stand earlier in December. With the track record she's fast amassing, Giorgia is definitely a young climber worth keeping an eye on in the coming years.

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