Mago 2015


Mago 2015

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Mago 2015
Mago 2015
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The award-winning Mago has cranked more vert than any shoe in our line. From the polished classics in Arco to the overhung pockets at Wild Iris, the Mago is pitbull strong and laser precise, using four-way X-Tension active randing underfoot, and a Toe Power Support stiffening insert to activate a climber’s edging power. Vibram®’s XSGrip rubber widens the performance window for desperate smears and micro features. Award-winning, well traveled, always popular, named after the magician who creates our shoes, Heinz Mariacher. The Mago.

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The natural evolution of the lead and bouldering world championship-winning compound, XS Grip 2 improves upon the superior grip characteristics of XS Grip and delivers outstanding precision of support, shape stability. Exceptional grip in every condition.
X-Tension™ active midsole provides precise fit and dynamic power for steep wall climbs or technical boulder problems.
Rubber-covered toe for toe-Hooking on steep routes.
Vibram® XS Grip2; 3.5 mm
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