Instinct VS 2015


Instinct VS 2015

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Instinct VS 2015
Instinct VS 2015
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Just a tad softer than the Instinct, we tune up the slipper design with a single strap and Vibram® XS Edge rubber to resist deformation when standing on micro-flakes and edges. The Instinct VS spans the performance arc from slabby boulder problems to overhanging gym routes. Sensitivity, with just enough power from the Bi-Tension randing for standing on dimes; these do it all.

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Developed for maximum support, XS Edge allows you to focus your weight on the tiniest of holds. Thanks to improved plastic deformation resistance, XS Edge keeps its shape through hours of repeated abuse, whether in hot or cold weather. Suggested in conditions where secure edging is paramount. optimal balance of performance and durability.
Bi-Tension Active Randing system provides maximum toepower
Vibram® XS Edge; 3mm
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