Boostic 2015


Boostic 2015

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Boostic 2015
Boostic 2015
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Our premiere weapon for everything past the vertical, the Boostic is powerful and stiff, dialed for pockety limestone, pulling plastic, and even techy granite features. Italian artisans blend natural suede in the rear for comfort and synthetic in the front for a consistent fit throughout the life of the shoe.

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Developed for maximum support, XS Edge allows you to focus your weight on the tiniest of holds. Thanks to improved plastic deformation resistance, XS Edge keeps its shape through hours of repeated abuse, whether in hot or cold weather. Suggested in conditions where secure edging is paramount. optimal balance of performance and durability.
Precise heel fit and sticky rubber for exceptional heel hooking
Special soft rubber, high friction toe patch for toe hooking. V-Tension Active Randing amplifies power in the toe, without over compressing the fit, making these versatile, push-the-grade shoes.
Vibram® XS Edge; 4mm
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