Freino 2015


Freino 2015

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Freino 2015
Freino 2015
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The Petzl Freino is designed for use at the crag with a single rope, to add extra friction during a descent without extra equipment or needing to open the carabiner. It's ideal for smaller climbers working with heavier partners, and although it's a little heavier than the standard carabiner, it works well with most belay devices and can be used as a standard locking carabiner.

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Dave Thexton's picture
Climbing Gear Geek
Nov 4th 2015
Hi Shayne, The Freino carabiner will help to increase the friction through the belay device, but it is no substitute for a prusik. It is possible to rappel without using a prusik, however, it is much, much safer to use one. There are also many situations where you may need a spare hand while abseiling, like stripping quickdraws from a sport route or building the next rappel anchor on a multi-pitch decent. In these cases especially, it is highly recommended that you use a prusik. Hope that helps, Dave

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Locking system
Major axis strength
25 kN
Minor axis strength
10 kN
Open gate strength
9 kN
Gate opening
15 mm

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