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Rescyou 2015

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Rescyou 2015
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The RescYou is an innovative rescue device in the event of a fall into a crevasse. It can be used to rescue yourself or other climbers. After braking a fall into a crevasse, the device is attached to the climbing harness (self-rescue) or a fixing point (rescue of another person). After this, the two rope clamps are clipped to the rope and the compact six-fold pulley, which connects the two rope clamps, is operated. This allows the person who has fallen into the crevasse to be rescued as quickly and easily as possible. The RescYou eliminates the need for complicated installations and maneuvers in the event of a crevasse rescue, making this groundbreaking device an essential piece of equipment on any glacier expedition.

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Climbing Gear Geek
Aug 31st 2015
Hi Jaylin, Although these two kits are both intended primarily for crevasse rescue, they are slightly different products. The key difference is that that the Rescyou isn't a complete kit and still requires the Alpinists or ski mountaineers, to carry an additional rope and some climbing gear with them. That said, the Rescyou has two advantages over the Petzl Rad system. Firstly, the pulley ratio is 6:1 compared with Petzl Rad's 3:1 meaning you are much more likely to be able to lift a limp body out of a crevasse (although it will take a lot longer).... (more)

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