Omega K6G 2015


Omega K6G 2015

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Omega K6G 2015
Omega K6G 2015
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Very large carabiner for belaying with Munter hitch and for rappelling, with single or double ropes.

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Dave Thexton's picture
Climbing Gear Geek
Jul 28th 2015
Hi Shannon, Twingate carabiners are marketed as locking carabiners just like screwgates or twist-locks or even Black diamond's magnetron.... (more)

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"The Twin Gate is a safety revolution. The innovative design makes it a perfect ordinary or screwgate carabiner, with the difference that it’s safer and faster : screw gates need extra time to screw and climbers sometimes forget. No more Grit, ice and freezing conditions jamming gates and screws."

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