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Grip 2015

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Grip 2015
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With so many climbers utilising a single rope, whether down at the wall, bolt clipping on sport climbs, or easier grade trad climbs, DMM wanted to manufacture a device that increased the chances of catching that fall. Seven years in the making and thousands of falls later, the Grip is ready for Spring 2015. A concept brought to us and developed in conjunction with the talented Tony Christianson. A concept intended to increase levels of safety that included springs, magnets, and a uniquesplit body construction; not your standard belay device. The Grip utilises standard, by the book, belaying technique, but then the mechanics kick in – the increased holding power is startling, the catch secure, and the rope control supreme. Whether you are a seasoned sport climber, or a novice belayer, the Grip will inspire

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Dave Thexton's picture
Climbing Gear Geek
Jul 28th 2015
Hi Rob, The grip isn't an auto-locking belay device but it does have assisted breaking, making it very easy to hold a fall or just a climber sitting on the rope. Hope that helps, Dave

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