Opera Unicore 8.5mm Golden Dry 2015


Opera Unicore 8.5mm Golden Dry 2015

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Opera Unicore 8.5mm Golden Dry 2015
Opera Unicore 8.5mm Golden Dry 2015
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The brand new Beal Opera 8.5 is the lightest single rope on the market - only 48g/m! And It is also rated for use as a twin and double rope making the Opera a cutting-edge specialised tool for elite sport climbers, ice climbers, and alpinists especially with the Beal Golden Dry treatment (UIAA Water Repellent approved).

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Climbing Gear Geek
Jul 28th 2015
Correction: the new Serenity rope is now 8.7mm diameter and so is not suitable for use with the Grigri.

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The astonishing UNICORE process allows the sheath and the core to stay bonded together allowing the user to be able to pass any damaged section using proper techniques, he doesn't remain stuck on his rope. The UNICORE process enhances safety when rope is used in extreme situations.
Every filament of the sheath and the core of «Golden Dry» ropes is treated with a water repellent chemical before the rope is manufactured. This chemical covering is polymerised at high temperature. The durability of this treatment is given by the polymerisation, but also because of the individual treatment of each filament before the rope is made. A Golden Dry rope is a rope with the core Dry treated, and a sheath of Dry Cover.
All ropes on the market have their date of manufacture printed on them. If you would like to know the date of manufacture of the rope before you buy please contact a staff member via the chat window.
At a mere 48g per meter and rated for Single, Double and Twin the Beal opera is one of the most versatile ropes we sell. A pair of these should cover you for all climbing applications apart from heavy sport climbing use where you take repeated falls.
Strike Force
Rope type
Single, Half, Twin
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