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The Send Bros

The Send Bros

22nd June 2015
22nd Jun 2015
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Cameron (12) and Jonathan (10) are young elite athletes in the sport of rock climbing. At their young ages both boys have climbed the lofty grade of 5.14 and they continue to progress and send hard at crags across America. Their story is different, however, than most other top youth climbers. The Send Bros', as they've become known, hometown is Lancaster, Pennsylvania--a town better known for the Amish than for climbing. With only a few small crags nearby, Cam and Jon train hard on their home climbing wall for occasional trips to distance crags such as the Red River Gorge and their favorite crags in the Rockies. So how did two boys not raised in a climbing mecca become such strong and experienced climbers? How do they train and how have they become such well-rounded youth athletes? Find out in The Send Bros. Filmed in 2013

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