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Squamish Selected Bouldering 2016

Squamish Selected Bouldering 2016

26th June 2016
26th Jun 2016
A selection of some Squamish bouldering delights from my recent trip. The whole Squamish experience was like a dream come true. Aside from the world class climbing, I met some incredible people who quickly felt like family. I already miss them more than I could have imagined! Cover pic courtesy of Marc Bourguignon (@thegnarwall) You can also read a short interview about my Squamish trip on the Climber Magazine website: http://climber.co.uk/news/latest-news/tom-peckitt-hits-the-squamish-blocs-on-his-north-america-tour.html Problem list: Worm World Cave Low (V10) No Troublems (V10 Flash) Resurrection (V9 flash) Big Chicken (V9) Summoning (V12). N.B. I topped this very unusually. Usually goes around the corner. I hadn’t seen it before and did it in a few goes so I improvised!!!! Mantra (V8 flash) Sesame Street (V9) Frontside (V12) The Furry (V11) Sushi Special (V12)

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