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Petzl - Ice climbing - The SITTA project outtakes

Petzl - Ice climbing - The SITTA project outtakes

29th December 2015
29th Dec 2015
This is a roughcut edit of the shots we have done last winter, while shooting the SITTA product movie (https://youtu.be/9R9lLaRfrkk). When you are on location, filming all day long, it's always frustating to only show a couple of the shots you did. So that's why we have put roughly together some of the good shots we have done. Location and athletes : - Mathieu Maynadier & Charlotte Barré at Erzurum Ice climbing festival (Turkey) - Hee Yong Park & Hannarai Song on "Tequila Stuntman" in Chamonix (France) Music - Tryad - "Beauty"

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