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Parrot - First airdrop from a speed-ride to a base jump with the Flying Frenchies

Parrot - First airdrop from a speed-ride to a base jump with the Flying Frenchies

08th October 2015
08th Oct 2015
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Stunts Performed by professional athletes. . Please do not try to imitate Them With Tancrede Melet, Anicet Leone & Grégory Remy Directed by Stefan Laude Follow the FLYING Frenchies here: https: //www.facebook.com/flying.frenc ... [EN] First airdrop from a speed-ride to a base jump - The Flying Frenchies are back! After discovering the Bebop drone in "Catching Bebop drones", the Flying Frenchies are back in the beautiful Alpine summits with an acrobatic and mastered performance ... It Took Them oven spotting days, repeating Each gesture and sequence and try trying Their tailored made ​​releasing system, combined with a clear weather to try to Attempt Their new masterstroke ... After a falsely folkloric speed-ride over the magnificent glacier of Argentiere (Chamonix Valley), Anicet (the clown with the red bus) Higher Suddenly goes before using His home made ​​system setting em free from His wing inflight! At only 150m above-the seracs, he free-falls ... and opens a second parachute Permitting _him_ to finish His flight jealous turning 007! An odyssey filmed from every angle by Tancred Melet thanks to the Parrot drone Bebop, he never travels without qui .. . Even at 3300m / 10800ft! [FR] First solo release of a base jump in speed riding - Flying Frenchies are back! Having discovered a new way to air film their exploits with the Bebop in "Catching Bebop Drones" The Flying Frenchies find the sumptuous Alpine heights with again such an acrobatic performance that controlled ... It took four days of location scouting, passed painstakingly repeat each sequence and each gesture and to test and develop a customized delivery system, combined a favorable weather window for the Flying Frenchies can try their new feat ... After a descent into falsely folk paces speed riding over the beautiful Argentiere glacier -Vallée Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Anicet (the clown bus Red Flying Frenchies) suddenly gains altitude before activating his house system allowing it to release its sail in flight! At only 150m above the seracs, he left in free fall ... and opens a second parachute to finish a flight to rival 007! An odyssey filmed Flying Frenchies every angle by Tancred in control of Parrot Bebop drone, which he no longer separates itself ... even at 3300m altitude!

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