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NIXON - Nixon Faces: Aaron Draplin

NIXON - Nixon Faces: Aaron Draplin

20th November 2015
20th Nov 2015
If you know Aaron Draplin, it’s pretty clear he’s more than just a massively talented and influential designer. His personality is a reflection of his craft. And what many people don’t know is that we’ve been lucky to count Draplin (as we affectionately call him) among our friends since day one, literally. Draplin worked alongside Nixon back in the early days, when the brand was just starting out, which makes our most recent design collaboration even more exciting, even more authentic. Draplin’s unique style and passion for independent brands like ours, helped us become established and created a space for our team to flourish. You’ll find Draplin’s art and inspiration among The Lost Coast Collection’s incredible patterns, graphics and typography that make it one of our favorites of the season.

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