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Magic Wood 2015

Magic Wood 2015

20th January 2016
20th Jan 2016
"You only regret things you didn´t do..." Magic Wood never failed my expecations, although this time was something special. Traveling there alone and meeting friends there was a really nice experience. I hadn´t been to Magic Wood the last two years, so I was wondering whats going to await me, and I also had tons of boulders in my mind I wanted to get on... Of course I couldn´t get done all of them, but I was able to climb some classics and definitly do have some unfinished business to come back to... Besides climbing I met lots of old and new friends, who I spent an amazing time with at the blocks as well as at the camp fire! Enjoy! Boulders included: Jack the Chipper, Octopussy, Minisex and tries on Foxy Lady, Steppenwolf Music: Emancipator - Maps, ProleteR - It don´t mean a thing, ProleteR - U can get it

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