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G-Shock - NEVER GIVE UP: No Sleep Till Bakewell

G-Shock - NEVER GIVE UP: No Sleep Till Bakewell

01st May 2015
01st May 2015
At the stroke of midnight, with just a head torch each to guide them, Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker launched onto the Peak District’s Eastern Edges. Ahead of them awaited 125 climbs and over 22 miles of running across the Eastern and Western Edges - 24 hours of intense physical endurance. Climbing in the dark, fatigued, and under immense time pressure, things can easily go wrong. The challenge most serious rock climbers face is in finding harder and harder climbs to summit. Many search out steeper and bolder routes to test their skills and push themselves to the limit. Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker are not most climbers. They Never Give Up. For more info on the challenge check out this interactive page from G-Shock: http://www.g-shock.co.uk/climbers/ | http://www.g-shock.co.uk/nevergiveup

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