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Coalder | Cliff Jumping Video | North Coast, Northern Ireland

Coalder | Cliff Jumping Video | North Coast, Northern Ireland

17th June 2015
17th Jun 2015
Coadler Cliff Jumping Crew Big thanks to all the guys was a lot of hard work carrying 12 pieces of equipment around cliffs and for risking their lives for some nice shots! The six guys involved in the shoot were:- Oliver Hegarty Ben Craig Pete Craig Ross Dunlop Simon Johnston Matt Allum GoPro Firmware Update THE PROTUNE SETTINGS ARE AMAZING! You have far more control over your white balance, colour setting, ISO limit, sharpness, exposure stops. This was the main focus on the this shoot setting these up pro tune setting, it was a really sunny day and being able to have control over these setting was unreal. GoPro Tutorials on you tube have a great tutorial on how to use the new pro tune setting, everyone should check it out Edting/ Camera work | Paddy O’Kane As we were shooting everything flat a fair amount of time was put into colour grading and picture quality. We really wanted to experiment with this so we did spend an extra day trying to get it right, think it was totally worth it. Animation | Jason Joy (Corepolo) These type of shoot require us to have everything done in the one day, animations is a time consuming process, the logo entry was his only focus that day, was there to set up the shot, once he had got that the footage was coloured and he started working on it straight away. His day was based around this one 10 second shot, this shows the time consuming process of animation, but totally worth it! Safety on Shoot Cliffs, they’re dangerous. the guys were jumping 80 ft in some cases, two main reasons why it was dangerous, getting to the locations of where we were setting up the shots and being in the locations of where we had set up the shot. It was mainly getting the equipment to the locations, at one point we were carrying 6 pieces of equipment down a cliff edge while trying to climb the cliff at the same time, was really time consuming but totally worth it. One of the camera positions was pointing over the cliff to get the jumper jump off, paddy was lying on the top of the cliff holding a GoPro over the edge, wish i had of got a pic of that! GoPro Mounts A lot of the shots were out in the water at a distance, this restricted me a lot as i cant swim that well i have to plan all the shots on the beach and instruct the guys how to take them. The only mount that were used were the GoPole and the handheld float, I would love to have been out on the and alternating the GoPro mounts for different angles, i’ll have to take some swimming lessons.

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