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Arc'teryx - Commit: Cold Focus

Arc'teryx - Commit: Cold Focus

04th May 2016
04th May 2016
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"With the limited beta we'd been given, we had set our eyes on a very specific objective. Located beside the Kafjord Suspension bridge lies a huge waterfall that attracts big crowds in the summer months. With the right conditions, it can freeze over in the winter, producing a massive icefall over 120 meters tall, pocketed with multiple ice caverns; potentially epic conditions for ice climbing. The catch: it was a 2.5 hour hike in from the nearest road; a 5 hour round trip. With the camera gear, ropes, climbing and film equipment we were carrying, this was turning into a big commitment for something that's "never the same" as Luka put it. Despite my skepticism about what we might find we didn't have many options, so on we went, into the unknown." Filmmaker - Cameron Sylvester

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