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The La Sportiva Trango Ice Cube GTX - Gear Geek Review

The La Sportiva Trango Ice Cube GTX - Gear Geek Review

13th April 2016
13th Apr 2016
The La Sportiva Trango ICE Cube GTX is a new super lightweight big mountain boot. It excels in mixed terrain and ice climbing, and would be an ideal Summer alpine or Scottish winter boot, and it’s warm enough to deal with some Winter alpinism as well. The first thing you’ll noticed with this boot is how light it is. At only 727g per boot, you'll hardly feel it on your foot. It’s a strong boot; the thermo plastic injection insures it won’t fall apart, and shrugs off rock abrasions. It’s got loads of clever technology like ‘Goretex performance comfort lining’ and a ‘honeycomb tech carbon footbed.' Big words, but they translate to a streamlined, tough alpine weapon. You’ll love the integrated water resistant gaiter. If you’ve ever spent time wading through deep snow to get to the base of a route, you’ll appreciate this feature. It also keeps all the laces out of the way, so you don’t tangle them up in your crampons.

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