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Snap Wrap Original Crash Pad | Outdoor 2016

Snap Wrap Original Crash Pad | Outdoor 2016

22nd July 2016
22nd Jul 2016
Introduced to us by Snap athlete Caroline Sinno, the Snap Original Wrap Crash Pad is a big, burly bouldering mat designed for use on highball boulders and technical overhangs over sharp, rocky ground. The Snap Original Wrap Crash Pad has a taco style design, which eliminates weak points, and is made up of squares of triple-density foam layered to optimise both shock absorption and cushioning - a unique feature in Snap bouldering mats. These squares are encased in perforated taffeta, which controls how quickly the air inside the pad can escape depending on how far you fall from; for example in the event of a high fall, the air won't have time to escape so the pad will feel harder when you fall on it but absorb the shock of the impact effectively, while in the event of a small fall, the air will be pushed out of the pad so it will feel softer and a bit more pleasant to fall on. Check out the Snap Wrap Original on the EpicTV Shop here.

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