Moon Climbing: Train With David Mason

02nd June 2017
02nd Jun 2017
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A few months ago we invited our international Moon Climbing team over to the UK. While they were here we pinned them down to get some of their top training hints and tips to help improve your climbing, or as we say at Moon #TrainHardClimbHarder. The first video is by David Mason, who talks through deadhang training using the Moon Dead Hang Board. To find your maximum weight, you need to: Deadhang a 20mm edge with enough weight added to cause you to fail at exactly 12 seconds. This is your training max weight. It should only be treated as a baseline though, so if it feels too easyyou should increase the weight. Finding your max weight will constitute a session in itself, and shouldn't be incorporated in this workout. Warm up routine - 5-8 secs with 50% max weight added 1-3 mins rest 5-8 secs with 75% max weight added 1-3 mins rest 5-8 secs with 95% max weight added Then 3-4 mins rest. 5 sets of 10 second hangs at your predetermined maximum weight. Rest 2-4 mins between sets. Adjust weight to your level so you complete all 5 sets. Summary: Warm up - 3 sets of hangs at 50%, 75% and 95% of max added weight with 1-3mins between sets. Rest 3-4 mins. Session - 5 sets of 10 second hangs with max added weight with 2-4 mins between sets. Adjust weight up or down to complete 10 secs each set. Maintain strict form with the fingers.

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