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Kong Quickdraw Aids | Outdoor 2016

Kong Quickdraw Aids | Outdoor 2016

27th July 2016
27th Jul 2016
The Kong Prog and Kong Panic are indispensable climbing tools for your collection. The Kong Prog, the latest in the Kong range, is fitted with a specially designed connector for a steadfast connection, which is instantly secured as soon as pressure is applied to the trigger mechanism on the carabiner. With 40cm webbing over an inner wire, the climber can create a unique, strong shape to then reach bolts further away, or in more awkward places. The Kong Panic, already available on the market, lives up to defying its own name due to its incredibly easy opening fix system for getting those bolts in a hurry. The connector stays open until it needs to be closed - only shutting when pressure is applied. Tools to be trusted on your more daunting routes.

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