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Boreal Mutant Climbing Shoe
95.95 € 119.00 €
Boreal Lynx Climbing Shoe
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Boreal Kintaro Climbing Shoe
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Boreal Mutant Climbing Shoe | Outdoor 2016

Boreal Mutant Climbing Shoe | Outdoor 2016

02nd September 2016
02nd Sep 2016
Boreal athlete Edu Marin introduces us to the new Boreal Mutant. The Mutant is based on a slipper design with a single Velcro strap across the top, which keeps your foot firmly in place. It is aggressively downturned, but soft enough to ensure that smearing and slab climbing is still possible. It uses Boreal’s brilliantly sticky Zenith rubber, which is tried, tested and won’t let you down. The Boreal Mutant features a unique ‘friction skin coating’ on the toe section. Particles of Zenith rubber are mixed with an adhesive to create a sticky toe cover section.

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