7 Tips For Mountain Biking Ethiopia | Trail Ninja, Ep. 28

05th January 2016
05th Jan 2016
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Ethiopia is not the place you probably think it is. It's high, cold and has some of the most dramatic landscapes that pro-photographer and Trail Ninja series host Dan Milner has ever shot. He joins pro riders Sarah Leishman and Kamil Tatarkovic for an 8-day traverse of the country's Simien Mountains and a bike ascent of the highest mountain in Ethiopia, Ras Deshan (4543m). This is the last and final episode of the now infamous Trail Ninja series, and it finishes with a bang rather than a whimper. 7 Tips For Mountain Biking Ethiopia | Trail Ninja, Ep. 28

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nick.chapple's picture
What. Last in the series. So, if no season 2 then what next for the dark knight of trails. Will miss the Ninjas humour and the awkward moments he created.
6th Jan 2016