There's Way More To Spanish Bouldering Than Albarracín | The Unknown Spain, Ep. 4

07th September 2015
07th Sep 2015

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To many climbers, Spain is a sport climbing destination and nothing more, offering only long limestone routes and tufa pulling. If they have heard of Spanish bouldering, the areas in question will likely be La Pedriza or Albarracín, but there is far more to the country's bouldering than these two spots. The North alone is home to numerous, diverse sandstone bouldering areas. In this video, we take a tour of three of the very best. First up is Santa Gadea, a beautiful hillside area with over 500 boulders. It offers great temperatures, even in August, which is just as well given that its top-outs are renowned for being even slopier than those of Fontainebleau. From Santa Gadea we move on to Resconorio, commonly referred to as 'The Spanish Peak District' because of its gritstone edges. However, unlike the English Peak District, you can climb here all year round! Finally we come to Covaleda, a bouldering area that could very well become Europe's next Fontainebleau. Like its French neighbour, Covaleda is set in a forest and has the potential for thousands of problems. Incredibly, the only reason that they haven't already been developed is that no one has been bothered to brush them! There's Way More To Spanish Bouldering Than Albarracín | The Unknown Spain, Ep. 4