The Strange and Wonderful Life of the Ice Climbing Professor | Sub-Zero, Ep. 1

14th February 2014
14th Feb 2014
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Raphael Slawinski is a rare creature - a Professor of Physics at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta and a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year nominee. He is one of Canada's most prolific ice climbers and this interview about why he ice climbs and what keeps him motivated is a must-watch for any climber or, indeed, anyone who enjoys the outdoors. 'Even if you're the most conservative climber, just by going climbing you subject yourself to things outside your control, that's kind of the definition of mountain adventure,' says Raphael. Not only is he smarter than you, he speaks more eloquently, too. FYI, enrollment at Mount Royal University starts in the spring, meaning there's still time to get a class with this master. Screw the physics, get him to take you ice climbing.