Wingsuit Flight Through a Waterfall in Lauterbrunnen - Planet Douggs - Ep.1

08th May 2013
08th May 2013
Planet Douggs - Ep.1 - Wingsuit Flight in Lauterbrunnen Meet Chris 'Douggs' McDougall, BASEjumper, speedflyer, wingsuit pilot, skater, party animal and loving husband. In this very first episode, we thought we'd formally introduce you to the amazing athlete who kindly agreed to be the face & voice of Epic over the next few months, covering the world's biggest BASE and wingsuit events. Watch this space for episode number 2, straight out of Mexico! EpicTV would like to thank professional BASEjumper and wingsuit pilot Dan Vicary for his time and footage. You can check him out right here: and on Facebook: Music credit: Song: '9 to 5' Artist: Dolly Parton