The Trango Big Bro - 2015 Review | Outdoor 2015

12th June 2015
12th Jun 2015

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We've all seen the pictures of Pamela Pack or the Wide Boyz getting geared up before climbing an off-width route and every time, the most noticeable thing in those pictures is the sheer weight of gear on their harnesses. To protect a wide crack effectively requires a lot of very heavy, very large cams...or does it? The Big Bro from Trango is a piece of protection designed specifically for wide cracks. Composed of two metal tubes, the Big Bro expands at the click of a button to jam itself within a crack and can then be locked into place using its locking collar. The Big Bro has some obvious advantages over cams, being generally lighter and less bulky, particularly when compared with larger cams. Big Bros also offer a large expansion range within each model and can be placed safely anywhere within their expansion range. They are also less inclined to walk than cams, are ideal as a rope guide at the top of a route and offer the widest coverage of any protection out there. While the Big Bro isn't for everyone, they are definitely worth a look for those regularly climbing wide cracks or off-widths. The Trango Big Bro - 2015 Review | Outdoor 2015