Lucas' Chicken Legs Give Out So He Eats Chicken Feet | One Speed, One Heart, Ep. 3

30th January 2014
30th Jan 2014

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Woops! due to a clerical error in our original post we switched Craig Maddison's name with the filmmaker, Lucas Jedrzejak's name. It's Craig who's on the bike. Lucas is behind the camera. Sorry for the mix-up. Epic fact no. 1,083: In countries like Vietnam the reason there are so many mopeds clogging the streets is that car import taxes are so high (as much as 82% of the car's value) they are all but unaffordable even for people working full-time jobs. Craig is finding this out the hard way as he navigates on his bike through swarms of buzzing scooters on his way towards China. Once he makes it out of the congested arteries of Hanoi things begin looking up, that is, until endless hills and bad drivers sap his energy. He limps to the border and celebrates with a big plate of chicken feet, a favorite dish in China and Southeast Asia. The reprieve is short-lived, though: on the other side of the border Craig and the crew immediately get lost in a town with no maps. On the bright side, the scenery is beautiful. Craig's Chicken Legs Give Out So He Eats Chicken Feet | One Speed, One Heart, Ep. 3