Vlog 017 - You Can't Always Get What You Want!

03rd February 2017
03rd Feb 2017

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You can't always get what you want! This weeks Vlog from Once Upon A Climb​ has very important message. It's something we all need to learn, even if it does involve ice cream! One of the common misconceptions about the life of a professional climber is that we simply get to go climbing, all the time. Whilst it's true that there are a few amazing, gifted individuals who can do just that, the majority of us have to 'work' to make the dream a reality. Don't get the violins out just yet, when I say "work" I'm not talking about doing a 9 to 6 in an office with a hellish commute every day. We do however put in the hours away from the cliffs, be it writing articles, planning projects, talking to journalists... Films are becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives, and with them comes ever more demands on our time. A climbing film is way more than the just the 10 minutes on Youtube, it is often months of planning, production and presentation, and a film will rarely be a success without those key ingredients. Finding the balance is complicated, and I'm certain that there are time we lose it, on one direction or the other, but thats what life is all about. So how do you make a climbing Vlog when you haven't been climbing for a few days? Here is Once Upon A Climb's Vlog 017 about one crazy day (and night)...