Rock Climbing Science: Analyzing Different Bodytypes And Climbing Styles (Hobit 7c, Misja Pec, Osp)

02nd June 2017
02nd Jun 2017
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Different body types/body sizes/climbing styles are a subject of huge debate when it comes to overall climbing performance. In this video I overlaid the ascents of two of my friends of a route called Hobit 7c (Misja pec, Osp), in order to make an objective comparative analysis possible. The two climbers do not only differ in body size and therefore in body type, but also in climbing style. We are going to take a close look at various success factors like focus, breathing, speed, efficiency, footwork, clipping positions, resting positions, different betas, strategy and execution. How did these factors influence their success? What can we learn from it? Let's find out! Rock Climbing Science: Analyzing different Bodytypes and Climbing Styles (Hobit 7c, Misja pec, Osp) Mani the Monkey on YouTube: manithemonkey on Instagram: Mani the Monkey on EpicTV: Mani Hubär on