Bar Session For Semi Strongs: Upper Body And Core Strength For Climbing - Intermediate Exercises

29th May 2017
29th May 2017
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In this Training Episode I'm going to show you 6 Intermediate Exercises on the Pull up Bar which will greatly increase Your Upper Body and Core Strength, both of which play an Important Role in Climbing Performance. The focus lies on Lats, Upper Arms and Abs, but also Back and Shoulders, thereby covering all the big Muscle Groups of the Upper Body. The Workout is quite simple and can be done by anyone, all Exercises are based on the Resistance of Body Weight. Suggestions on numbers of Repetitions, Sets and Resting Times are given, but should be taken with a grain of salt. What works for me must not necessarily work for everyone, listen to your own body first. Thank you for your attention, and have a good training! Exercises covered: Archer Pull ups Assisted One Armer Clapping Pull ups Muscle ups Chin Rows Front Lever Pulls Bar Session for Semi Strongs : Upper Body and Core Strength for Climbing, Intermediate Exercises Mani the Monkey on YouTube: manithemonkey on Instagram: Mani the Monkey on EpicTV: Mani Hubär on