Climbing Related Finger Injuries: Prevention

22nd May 2017
22nd May 2017
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These Tips are Gold when it comes to Prevention of Climbing Related Finger Injuries, which occur quite often amongst Progress Oriented Climbers for obvious reasons. A good prevention strategy is key to avoid most short term accidents and long term overloads, both of which can develop into real throw-backs. This is the first episode of a whole series dedicated to the topic of climbing related injuries in general. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe if you've got something from it, and I would also like to encourage You to share your experience with injury in the comment section, as I'm sure a lot of people including myself would like to learn from them as well. Thank you for your attention, see you soon! Climbing Related Finger Injuries : Prevention manithemonkey on Instagram: Mani the Monkey on YouTube: Mani the Monkey on EpicTV: Mani Hubär on Music: falling by Glassic on Soundcloud.